Jesulein Jungf Blessed Chr-WEB

We hasten at Christmas,
The manger to find;
The Child does expect us,
His welcome is kind.
He sees our longing,
It brings Him delight,
He longs to enrich us
On this holy night.

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Christmas, the time when we remember and celebrate that God the Father sent us His only Son, Jesus, His most precious gift. Christmas is the time when the splendor of heaven wants to come to us anew.

O miracle beyond compare / For heaven opens wide,
The Son comes down for love of men / From God the Father’s side.

3 little stars no bgd

Our Lord Jesus, the Heavenly Child, has brought heaven down to earth. He has re-opened the gates of paradise for us that we may become citizens of heaven. Now, the earth, with all its burdens and worries, can no longer rule over us. With the coming of Jesus, heaven touched the earth on that first Christmas and still does today!

At Christmas Jesus wants to fill us with His peace and joy. But is it possible to have such joy when unrest and wars, fears and difficulties of all sorts seek to oppress us? Yes, that is exactly the triumph of heaven. Its glory appears in suffering and affliction; it comes down to us in our difficulties and fears, for God is constrained to come to those who are in suffering. We only have to really expect heaven and believe that it is stronger than the earth with all its suffering. We have a friend in Jesus Christ. Like a sun that never sets, He lights up every darkness.