Music & Verses

Our recordings were originally made for our wounded soldiers. The messages brought comfort not only to soldiers but to others who heard them. Requests came to make the recordings also available for those going through a hard time. We hope you too will be blessed.

Music – Track 1

Music: Introduction- Pastor James Hoefer Track 1

Psalm 23 – Track 3

Psalm 23: …a psalm where David pours out his heart in prayer

Effective in Captivity – Track 4

Effective in Captivity: Are you perhaps in a situation…

Psalm 121 – Track 5

Psalm 121 was sung by the pilgrims…

Music (Choir) – Track 10

Choir: May You Ever Stand Before Me

Music (Choir) – Track 19

Choir: Those Who Continue Trusting

Music (Choir) – Track 23

Choir: Where find true bliss and love?

Music (Choir)  – Track 25

Choir: To One Name All My Love Belongs