The Passion Story- Retold in Pictures, Word and Song… with M.Basilea Schlink

Nothing can bring us closer to Jesus than thinking of His sufferings for us – the greatest expression of His love. This is how a prayer garden came to be made by the Sisters of Mary, depicting the Passion and Resurrection
of Jesus.

Nestled against the picturesque Phoenix Mountain Preserve in Arizona, it has become a sanctuary of peace and blessing for many.

Consider the Lilies

Eventide with Mother Basilea

He Stretches Out His Hand

Are you sitting in front of a mountain of worries?

Draw Upon His Strength

How incredibly great God’s power is to help those who believe Him. Eph.1:19

The Weapon of Trust

Where do I find freedom from fears, troubles and distress?

A Lesson to Learn

Resting in God’s will in times of deepest suffering.

Who Is Like God?

Eventide with Mother Basilea

Prayer Garden

The beautiful reliefs in the Prayer Garden depict God’s love for us – a special place to walk and pray.

To You Is Born a Savior – 1 min.

Christmas: All Is Dark – 1 min.


Jesus Beloved Child – 28 min.