Military Outreach

I Will Fear No Evil

Encouragement found in the Psalms 12-page booklet with color photos.
First choice of most Chaplains

God Comes When All Is Dark

This leaflet is very helpful for the hard and difficult situations in life

The Power of Jesus

Experiencing release when dark forces attack.

Dear Chaplain,

Allow us to send you this offer of FREE literature by Basilea Schlink for distribution to our brave servicemen and women and also to their families as they sacrifice so much. We pray for you and those entrusted in your care.

May the Lord protect you and all those whom you serve so faithfully. – The Sisters at Canaan in the Desert

Canaan in the Desert was established in 1968 as the U.S. branch of the international and interdenominational Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. It was founded by Basilea Schlink in 1947 in postwar Germany.

Our literature is scripturally based, encourages hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and trust in our heavenly Father.

A Chaplain’s Response:

“I set your materials up on several tables, and they went like pancakes! Everyone was excited to get them.”

“I am now running low….please send…”

“During these days our soldiers are very much aware of the need for God’s strength. Your literature is a tremendous help to them.” from a Chaplain overseas

Another Chaplain’s Response:

“As our soldiers are preparing themselves to deploy overseas, there will be times that they will feel discouraged and lose all hope. It is so important for them to have these spiritual and uplifting booklets. Your offering has come at ‘such a time as this.'”

“Also I am not in a combat deployed unit, I do work in Basic Combat Training where the soldiers in training often think they are at war. Thank you from the bottom of not only my heart, but the hearts of all our Basic Combat Training Soldiers.”

“Thank you for helping to build up the soldier’s spiritual fitness…”

Guided All Week Long

Short meditations for every day of the week
6 leaflets with different themes:
At Peace
Giving Thanks

Praying Our Way Through Life


  • Praying when Problems and Troubles Arise
  • Praying in Dark Days of Suffering
  • Praying When No Answer Seems to Come
  • Praying During Severe Trials and Temptations
  • Praying in Times of Need
  • Praying When Burdened with Cares
  • Praying When Afraid
  • Praying for Others
  • Praying – A Daily Conversation with God

The Power of Jesus

A prayer on the back:

Dear Lord Jesus,
You gave Your life for me and
You care for me as a good shepherd
cares for His lambs.
I trust that You will carry me
through all times of trouble and need.
Thank You for loving me
and for forgiving all my sins.

JESUS, You are my Lord and Savior!

Christmas stars  6 different ones 4.5×4.5″

These Christmas stars bring a cheer and comfort and encouragement to our troops. They are much loved and one can see them on vehicles, tents, dashboards – everywhere!

During Christmas time we include these Christmas stars in your order.

(10 different sayings 7”x2”)

Words for the Heart
(business-card size 2″x3.5″)

“I showed the bookmarkers to our Division Chaplain…
He is concerned that if he asked for 15,000 it might be unreasonable and a hardship on you… I told him I would write and ask…”
(We did ship him 15,000)
Ft.Campbell Director of Religious Education

Order Form

Items are available while supplies last.

Shipped in a Medium Flat Rate Box 11×8.5×6″

One Order Contains:


  • Words for the Heart, sets of 24 different sayings business-card size – 20ct.
  • The Power of Jesus’ Love, sets of 10 different, size 7″x2″ – 20ct.
  • Come to Jesus, Words of Encouragement, sets of 10 different, size 2.5″x6″ – 20ct.

Booklets and Leaflets

  • God Comes When All Is Dark,  leaflet – 100ct.
  • He Knows and Cares,  leaflet- 100ct.
  • I Will Fear no Evil, 12 pages – 100ct.
  • Praying Our Way Through Life, 48 pages – 4ct.
  • Prayers in Preparation of the Near Future, 34 pages – 20ct.
  • The Power of Jesus Is So Great,  leaflet – 100ct.
  • Secure All Week Long…set of 6 leaflets – 15ct.
  • Someone Can Carry,  leaflet – 100ct.
  • Good Shepherd,  small card – 100ct.
  • Songs for Spiritual Warfare,  booklet – 2ct.
  • Where Can We Find Jesus,  booklet – 50ct.
  • Father of Comfort,  book – 1ct.