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Truly a Child of joy was born unto us on that holy night long ago. This is why the angels sang tidings of great joy: “Unto you is born this day a Savior.” A Savior saves us; He brings us healing in our sinful weaknesses, healing for the wounds we bear in our souls and for everything else that may burden and afflict us. We know how agonizing the pain can be when our hearts nearly break with grief.

Therefore, when the Child of Eternal Joy comes to us, no darkness, no suffering can rob us of the joy we have in our Lord Jesus, in whom all blessings, help and comfort are to be found. He wants to meet our deepest needs. As once expressed in Holy Scriptures, we are given the “oil of joy for mourning.”   Is. 61:3 NKJ     Basilea Schlink

Notes -Txt O Child of Joy

O Child of Joy,
come into my heart.
My Jesus Child,
You make all grief depart.
In pain and sorrow
Your love brings relief;
so I can trust and find
comfort in grief.
So I can trust and find
Comfort in grief.

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