We are praying and know you are also – as we see the world in turmoil. We receive daily reports of the need so many are facing. There is the tendency to ask, “What is happening?”

It is comforting to know that Mother Basilea’s prophetic writings in the 60’s encourage us today. What people faced in the aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust equip us to face tomorrow – the tomorrows of 2015.

Mother Basilea then and Sister Joela Krüger now give a message for our times. We cannot be silent. A new DVD Jacob’s Tears (Hatikvah Films www.hatikvahfilms.com) in which Sister Joela joins others in breaking the silence with regard to the Satanic powers displayed before and during WWII, makes us realize we are continually vulnerable to attack. We are called to not only battle the attack but to comfort the heart of God in His grief over the sins of mankind. The history of the silence of the Christians in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s is unsettling today. May fear and complacency never silence us or keep us from proclaiming the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus. May the Lord prepare us for the challenges we face.

In 1991 Mother Basilea wrote: Does our World Have a Future? 

What Arouses the Wrath of God?
“What is the origin, the root, of the many sins today which will bring judgment upon us? What do we need to fight against primarily so that we will not come under the wrath of God? Through the prophet Isaiah, who foretells coming events with unmistakable clarity, God speaks of the main sin calling down His judgment:

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“First of all, God names pride. To be like God is the ambition of Satan. This was the root sin that caused Lucifer’s downfall and so he wants it to be our downfall too. …Satan lures people into self-glorification, self-redemption, self-realization, rebellion and the right to do their own thing. Autonomous man, anti-authoritarian since childhood, bows to nothing and to no one. He thinks and acts under his own authority and already widely influences society. The spirit of rebellion against all authority, however, disrupts every natural, loving relationship between parents and children, between leaders and those they lead…”

This is our world today!

Sister Joela Krüger shares, “Praising the loving counsel of God characterized the life of our founder, Mother Basilea Schlink. The older she grew, the greater her awe and joy at the love of God became, even during stretches that were hard and beyond understanding. What was the secret behind the extraordinary blessing on her life? In a nutshell: ‘God is Yes and Amen!’ The LORD Almighty, wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom, Isaiah. 28:29 NIV.  Mother Basilea praised Him during times of judgment and discipline, of isolation and deep night.”

Holy and sublime the Father
Reigns in majesty and power
Over confusion and distress.
When we seem to walk in darkness,
God the Father reassures us
That His plans are wonderful.

 With Your hands so kind and holy,
O my Father, You will guide me
On each pathway to its goal.
And Your child is filled with wonder,
For Your plans and deeds and counsels
Are a masterpiece of love.     MB