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… from the book, “Realities in the Desert”
40 Years of the Heavenly Father’s  Loving Care

page 106-107

For over 25 years we have been broadcasting radio programs in many States. The challenge we Sisters faced now, was going from analog to digital as all radio stations wanted their programs not on “reels” but on CDs. To accomplish this transition, we needed not only an audio program but also a new computer specified for this job only. In the previous chapter we described how the Lord  provided the audio program and the computer plus a teacher for this new program – what a miracle! (Here starts the story).

The Song on the Wall

Full of joy we began working. Rose, our faithful coworker in this department, proved to be a fast learner. Yet, as soon as we thought we had the worst behind us, another big problem arose. Due to new technological advances, radio stations now required that all programs fit within an exact time frame. Our programs, however, ran up to two-and-a-half minutes over this new standard.

This new regulation was quite a blow to us. It meant that our 600+ programs would have to be edited to meet the new requirement.

Song The Trusting Soul WebIt really seemed like an impossible challenge for both of us. And our only refuge was the song we had pinned to the wall of our radio room. We were desperate for God’s help. Each program varied in length and we had to do a lot of intricate calculations. Sadly, neither of us was good in mathematics. So we sang our song every day for months and that gave us strength and perseverance. When the “math mountain” seemed insurmountable for us, we sang this song several times a day. And God answered!

After four years, finally, to the glory of God, all our 1, 5, 15 and 30-minute radio programs were completed in the required standard format – to the second! Moreover, we were able, for the first time, to produce masters for our branches in Australia and the United Kingdom and also for our Motherhouse.

Now, all over the world, messages are broadcast proclaiming God’s love and grace, such as:

“God lives and works today! He wants to glorify Himself through us and let us experience His wonderful miracles. But perhaps your need is so great and everything seems so hopeless that you almost wonder if God can help at all. This is just the moment when God can do His greatest miracles….”

This message closes with our song:
The trusting soul inherits all
the heavenly kingdom’s riches;
the Father’s hands let blessings fall
all want and need He changes.
Though we be told: “All things you lack”
in joyous faith we answer back,
“We trust in God Almighty!”

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