Repentance – The Joy-Filled Life

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80 pages, A new translation of a timeless classic
Repentance – the gateway to heaven!
Repentance – the way home to the Father’s heart and to overflowing joy.

Some topics included are:
Repentance-a creative, life-giving power
The way to repentance
The main obstacles to repentance
A call to the Church for the end times

“If you are looking for new life, joy and power for your own life, this book is a must.” “For the past two weeks I felt as if the corners of my mouth had been permanently tied down so I couldn’t laugh or smile and I wondered why. Jesus has shown me that I had a few loose ends in my life and some very deep repenting to do. I can smile now and I feel it inside and out. It will be one book I will read over and over.”

Media Format: Book – Soft Cover


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