How many people think, ‘Oh, if only someone had a heart for me! My troubles leave others cold. No one cares. No one understands. They have no heart.’

God, however, has a heart – a loving fatherly heart. In all our sorrows, burdens and joys, he empathizes with His children, with  me, with you, with each one of  us. He understands us. He cares about us. He takes a personal interest in each of earth’s billions. He is aware of what concerns us. There is nothing that the loving fatherly heart of God does not care about. And what  flows from His heart? Infinite compassion. He has mercy on the small and helpless, the poor and needy, those in distress. God is life. God is love. His heart is constantly brimming over with loving-kindness towards us. (Taken from SOWN IN WEAKNESS RAISED IN GLORY)

What joy it would give Him to hear us express our trust, unshakable in spite of everything:
       ‘My Father, I do not understand You, but I Trust You.’


A prayer:

God Is My Supervisor




All texts and music by Basilea  Schlink