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Jesus, the wellspring of joy! Who can make us as happy as He does? But is the Child in the Manger your most precious Christmas gift? Are you waiting for Jesus, for His coming?

Each one of us needs Him, the Child that gives Hope and brings Restoration to us and into our families. He wants to fill your life with joy and peace. He asks you, “Receive Me! Don’t leave Me standing in the cold, as it happened long ago when there was no room in the inn. Expect Me for Christmas, for I love you and I want to help you.”

So let us hurry like the shepherds, to the Child in the Manger.

The Shepherds


             O holy night, filled with songs of joy and gladness! Let us all rejoice together; earth receives her Savior, sinners find their Redeemer!





A Child lies in the manger, the Prince of peace. He came upon this earth to bring mankind salvation. Rejoice and be glad, for you are loved by God. Put away your sadness, all that troubles you. Jesus is coming to you.



Therefore, let us kneel down at the manger and say to the Child Jesus, “Lord Jesus, I come to you. I believe You can make all things new.





And if we have already experienced the saving power of this Child, let us, this Christmas, bring Him our thanks and say, “I thank You, I  want to tell others what You have done for me, my Savior, just like the shepherds joyfully spread the message of Your birth long ago.


If you would like to listen to more songs by Mother Basilea, CDs are available at our store. Below is one of our Christmas videos for you to enjoy.

Chr Adoration w jewel case

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