September 1

As the Bible tells us in II Cor.1:3, God is the “Father of mercies and God of all comfort.” Yes, God wants to help and comfort us in every situation! But how many of us actually experience His comfort? Does God seem to be far away from you – or to have forsaken you completely? This program can help you find the comfort you’re looking for, through a prayer that is guaranteed to reach God’s heart.


September 2

Do you experience God’s joy in your life? Time and again the Bible tells us to rejoice in the Lord, and to let our lives be filled with the joy that comes from Him. However, many of us can’t really be joyful because we’re too vulnerable to discouragement and depression. The following program will help us to take a look at our discouragement and depression in a new light. It will help us to understand why we get down, and show us how to fight against this to freedom and lasting joy.


September 3

God is the only One who can help our world today. Not a teaching, not a doctrine, not a vague belief in its supreme being – only a personal relationship of love with Him who is Almighty and All-powerful can change the lives of people and nations. This program will tell us how we can find this relationship with God and experience the love that is stronger than all the problems in our world today.


September 4

God is the One who deserves all the honor in heaven and on earth. But when Jesus became man He gave up His honor out of love for us. This program will tell us how we can follow in His footsteps and gain the honor and respect of God.


September 5

God has the power to change lives and nations! But perhaps you’re wondering, “If that’s really true, why can’t I see Him at work in the world today? Why doesn’t He help me out of all my difficulties? I pray, but I never seem to get an answer.” The following program will tell us how we can actually experience His help.


September 6

God is at work in our world, even though troubles and tensions seem to be increasing from day to day. It’s true that the forces of hatred seem to be gaining the upper hand, and that mankind already has enough weapons on hand to destroy the whole world. But God is the only One who can stand against the hatred, evil, and corruption. He is more powerful than all of these. He has given us a wonderful weapon with which we can hold back all the powers of destruction. The following program will tell us what this weapon is and how we can use it.


September 7

God is the light of the world, and, as we read in the gospel of John, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!” What an appropriate word for our world today – when darkness is spreading over the face of the earth. But why do so few people see His light? The answer is in this meditation called SIGN-POSTS FOR THE WORLD.


September 8

Through Jesus Christ God has given us many wonderful callings. But who knows about one of the holiest of these – the calling to bless one another? As we read in 1 Peter 3:9, “Do not return evil for evil, or reviling for reviling; but on the contrary, bless, for to this you have been called.” In this meditation, we will be taking a look at what it means to be called to bless.


September 9

God has created and redeemed us so that we might love and be loved by Him. He has granted us sinners the privilege of loving Him out of repentance and gratitude for His forgiveness. If we would respond to His love, He would make us happier than we have ever dreamed of being! This meditation called, TEACH US TO LOVE YOU, will show us how we can do this.


September 10

The greatest proofs of God’s existence are the miracles He works in human hearts. He can truly change lives – remolding people into the image of His love. The following meditation shares the true story of how a woman made this discovery and became a testimony for a whole neighborhood.