Dear Friends,

After Covid-19 brought so much hardship and suffering last year, this year seems to be getting worse: human lives are still in danger, the economy is suffering from the restrictions – apart from the fires and floods in many parts of the world and the catastrophe in Afghanistan! Shocking news about the unfolding tragedy dominates the media. If we already feel so much pain for the victims of war and plagues, how much more must it hurt God’s heart of love?

In recent weeks, a new Bible Word has entered our hearts as a community, about which our founder, Mother Basilea Schlink, had spoken to us many years ago:

“I will hope in the LORD who has hidden his face from the house of Jacob, and I will wait for him”
(Isaiah 8:17).

The prophet Isaiah spoke these words to the people of Israel, who were going through a difficult time, a time of judgment in which God seemed to be hiding His face. And it also applies to us today: how should we behave in such a time when God seems to be hiding His face from us? A few verses earlier, Isaiah says:

“You and all those who are on your side do not be deterred when this people speaks of conspiracy. Do not be afraid of what they fear! You should honor me alone, for I am the LORD, the Almighty God. If anyone is to be feared, it is me! In this way I become a holy refuge for you.”
(Isaiah 8:12-14a)

What does this mean in practice?

We should not allow ourselves to be completely taken in by the bad news by the media, but should turn our eyes to the Lord. If we want to be anxious about all the terrible things that are happening, we should praise the Lord’s promises in faith and exclaim, “But I am waiting for His help; I hope he turns to us again.” (Isaiah 8:17)

To Him we belong, and He is the Lord of all —in Him is rescue and help. Ultimately, He is in control! And there is nothing that Jesus cannot cope with. Let us therefore turn to Him in prayer, in intercessions for one another, for our country and our world. In some situations, we will not immediately know what decision to make. But the Lord asks us to trust Him. He is the living one and has promised:

“The LORD will be your eternal light, and the days of your suffering shall come to an end.”
(Isaiah 60:20)

May the Lord bless, guide, and strengthen you in all that may lie upon you. With warm greetings from Darmstadt, and your Sisters of Mary on Canaan in the Desert