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Lofty mountains, grassy meadows,
Peaks for ever veiled in snow,
God their Maker magnify;
By the beauty that they show us,
And no rest nor peace do give us
Till we too our hearts do raise
All in worship, love and praise.


Rushing streams, grassy meadows, towering mountains and rocky shores – all of nature unites in a symphony of praise to God. A symphony in which man plays a vital part, as Mother Basilea Schlink shares with us today.

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O Father, how fair is this world You made
The forest, the meadows, the lakes!
Fill all the world with joyful songs;
For unto God the world belongs
Praise Him, Hallelujah!
Praise Him, Hallelujah!

Mother Basilea, together with Mother Martyria, founded the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary after World War II. Their headquarters, Canaan, in Darmstadt, Germany is also the home of the Canaan Franciscan Brotherhood, which was established in 1967.

This small piece of land has drawn visitors from all over the world. Here they have experienced something of the reality of Jesus’ saving power and the greatness of God. A “foretaste of heaven”, as they say, for the kingdom of God begins to manifest itself where Jesus’ Lordship is acknowledged and people live in joy and reconciliation.

One of the ministries that God has given to Canaan is of special significance for our times and for this generation – the Praise Ministry. In the mid-nineteen-fifties Mother Basilea, who is staying at Aeschi, Switzerland, writes a letter to her daughters.

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Later this Praise chapel was built in Switzerland

“…If only I had  a hundred thousand Swiss Francs, I would build chapels at all the beautiful scenic spots and send out Sisters during the summer months as praise singers, troubadours of God, to praise the heavenly Father everywhere they go, so that many others would hear it and join in giving praise! Yes, God must be glorified!”

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O Father, how loving was all Your care       
To make this world winsome and fair!
Filled be each valley and each height
With praises unto You by right,
Praise Him, Hallelujah!
Praise Him, Hallelujah!

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Mother Basilea storms heaven with her prayers. The impossibilities of this commission are great. A way is found to make  plaques which are inscribed with a Bible word and a song verse.  If God gives you a commission, He takes responsibility that it comes to fulfillment. Today there are hundreds of praise spots in many countries. Each one has its own miracle story. Who is like God!

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Mother Basilea continues: “I must say, my heart is really grieved to think that any human artist who has created something beautiful receives honor and recognition and praise. But God is often forgotten – yes, nowadays He’s even despised and mocked. And there should be praise singers everywhere. You are to be the first ones. But you’re far too few. We need many praise singers in all the countries, who will counterbalance the campaign of destruction and of evil in our times.

And these praise singers need to be stirred into action. Let them hear the call to put up signs everywhere that will be a challenge to give glory to this almighty God and Maker in the beauty of His creation. And people catching sight of these signs will have to stop and say, ‘Why, yes! – that’s true. We should give praise to this great God!’ then they will start singing. And songs of praise and worship will be heard everywhere.


O Father, Your plans are beyond compare
Sweet birdsong  and flowers so fair!
The sky, the mountains seeking,
Of God’s great glory speaking.
Praise Him, Hallelujah!
Praise Him, Hallelujah!

Soon the manifestation of the evil one will be seen everywhere. Yes, in the end times when the sins of mankind are greater than ever and divine judgment is impending, we can help to hold back the holy wrath of God a little longer with our praise. Let us live to honor God in the measure that He is blasphemed, mocked and degraded today. For who is like God? None can compare with Him! He alone is immortal. He was and is and evermore shall be. Yes, He is the One whose wisdom is unsearchable and whose counsels are wonderful and always end in glory. And to glorify this Lord is our purpose in life.”

We praise and we worship
and laud Your name,
For ever we’ll sing of Your fame.
Creator from eternity
To You our praise and glory be!
Praise Him, Hallelujah!
Praise Him, Hallelujah!

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