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We warmly welcome  you  to Canaan  in  the  Desert
Fellowship – Worship - Prayer
Jesus’ Victory Chapel 

February 4, 2017  Saturday 2 pm – 4 pm
‘Sing to the Beloved’

March 4, 2017  Saturday 2 pm – 4 pm
'Behold the Lamb of God'

Children are always welcome,
please let us know in advance. Thank you

9849 N 40th St. -  Phx. AZ  85028  -  1/2  mile South of Shea Blvd.
Tel. 602-996-4040


Repentance The Joy-Filled Life — 3 chapters

 Repentance_excerpts 2,3,8

Repentance - the gateway to heaven!
Repentance - the way home to the Father's heart and to overflowing joy! For what is repentance but the tailwind driving us into the open arms of the Father? A foretaste of heaven. A gift of the Holy Spirit. In answer to prayer, the Spirit falls afresh on us, breaking our hard and self-righteous hearts - only for God our Father and Maker to take those broken pieces into His hands and form a new vessel to his glory...