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Our Attitude Towards Natural Disasters As early as the 1960s Mother Basilea had drawn our attention to the growing frequency of natural disasters. She saw them as preliminary events. Over the years she sounded the call to repentance. Above all, she prayed, encouraging believers to do the same and to prepare their hearts in the […]

Posted Oct 01, 2017
Fill All the World with Songs of Praise

Lofty mountains, grassy meadows, Peaks for ever veiled in snow, God their Maker magnify; By the beauty that they show us, And no rest nor peace do give us Till we too our hearts do raise All in worship, love and praise. Excerpt from the DVD: FILL ALL THE WORLD WITH SONGS OF PRAISE Rushing […]

Posted Jul 19, 2017
Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit comes

Mother Basilea shares in The Holy Land Today, “Like the rush of a mighty wind the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead, comes down to earth…he seeks out specific people, the disciples, a handful of miserable failures, who had lost faith and deserted their Lord during His Passion, for in the poor and […]

Posted May 27, 2017
Visit the Garden of Jesus’ Sufferings and Resurrection in the desert of Arizona

Nothing will bring us closer to Jesus than reflecting on the Passion, for His suffering reveals His heart. It is all about having a fresh vision of the Man of Sorrows and hearing Him speak to the heart: “Do you love Me? Where I am, My servant also will be.” In her prayers, songs and writings, […]

Posted Apr 06, 2017
Canaan in the Desert, an amazing gift from our almighty and loving God!

Excerpts from the Book: REALITIES IN THE DESERT – 40 Years of the Heavenly Father’s Loving Care  The Roots “Why did you Sisters come to America?” The answer is not so straightforward. To begin, we must go to Mount Sinai. But what does this mountain in Egypt have to do with a piece of property […]

Posted Mar 03, 2017
Happy New Year

How many people think, ‘Oh, if only someone had a heart for me! My troubles leave others cold. No one cares. No one understands. They have no heart.’ God, however, has a heart – a loving fatherly heart. In all our sorrows, burdens and joys, he empathizes with His children, with  me, with you, with […]

Posted Jan 01, 2017

Excerpt from: PRINCE OF PEACE by M. Basilea Schlink

Posted Dec 15, 2016

To Give Thanks Means to Receive This joyous Thanksgiving message by Mother Basilea Schlink, reminds us that for every difficulty in our lives, the way to receive help is to give thanks. There is tremendous power in thanking the Lord. When we give thanks something happens… When we say, “Lord, You always have a way,” […]

Posted Nov 23, 2016
Repentance – The Joy-Filled Life

                   Get your own Cover p.2   Excerpts from the book, “Repentance – The Joy-Filled Life” Repentance – the gateway to heaven! Repentance – the way home to the Father’s heart and to overflowing joy! For what is repentance but the tailwind driving us into the open arms of the Father? A foretaste of […]

Posted Jun 25, 2016
A Greeting for Pentecost We would like to share a message that Mother Basilea gave to us Sisters.  “It was an historical occasion as Jesus’ disciples gathered in Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit came down. There appeared to them tongues like flames of fire dispersed among  them and resting on each one of them. An unforgettable moment. The […]

Posted Apr 27, 2016