For Lent and Easter

Where Can We Find Jesus Today?

Welcome to the Garden of Jesus’ Suffering and Resurrection - a quiet place to meet with God ...

Located in Phoenix AZ 85028, 9849 N 40th Street, 
1/2 mile south of Shea Blvd., Tel. 602-996-4040 

Many have discovered and love the Garden at Canaan in the Desert where you can accompany Jesus from the time of His fervent prayer in Gethsemane to His glorious Resurrection.

Finding Answers... 
Scroll Down for helpful literature, videos, and CDs by Basilea Schlink.


This Lenten masterpiece will walk you through Jesus’ sufferings
and relate them to your own life. (144 pages)

Excerpt from the book

Victory Through Humble Submission
Scripture reading: Mark 14:32-46

We know that Jesus was “greatly distressed and troubled” during the battle of Gethsemane. Whoever won this victory would win mankind! Everything looked as though Satan and his kingdom would win. Yet Jesus had a weapon which proved to be a mighty weapon and brought Him victory: humble submission. Through His obedience He glorified God. “Father, Your will is perfect.”

Jesus was the only one who did not seek His own glory, but the glory of the Father. 

Now Jesus has given us a weapon to overcome every temptation: humble submission to the will of God...and the enemy will not gain control of our soul.


The Holy Land comes to life - a book for those who seek a deeper 
and more personal relationship with Jesus.

Excerpt from the book - See Luke 24:13-32

The blessed fellowship in the breaking of bread that the Lord granted His disciples here in Emmaus, and which He continues to grant to His own throughout the world, will end in the eternal “Emmaus” in heaven. There we shall celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb with Him in the heavenly banquet hall amid rejoicing and jubilation. Then we shall be able to see more than ever that all the ways of God lead to the supreme goal of glory - glory that far surpasses the suffering endured along these ways. (Rom.8:18)

Prayer in Emmaus

Dear Lord Jesus,

We thank You for showing us at this site that in Your love You are especially drawn to those who are filled with doubts and questions. I too come to You with my unanswered questions and inner conflicts.

Easter Message



(A Meditation on Matthias Gruenewald’s Isenheim Altar, 64 pages, 28 photos)

The open Bible in John the Baptist’s hand indicates: Jesus’ death on the cross was in fulfillment of prophecy; God’s eternal plan of salvation, proclaimed on the very first pages of the Bible, have been fulfilled. See Catalogue section


(5-CD set)

The joy of Easter and the resurrection stems from a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sufferings for our sake. This Passion Narrative takes us movingly into the events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as if we were there. In comprehending Jesus’ sufferings, we learn to love Him more than ever.


Filmed in Phoenix, AZ on Canaan in the Desert (DVD 30 min.)

The Passion Story is retold in picture, word and song.

Nothing can bring us closer to Jesus than thinking of His sufferings for us -- the greatest expression of His love. This is how a Prayer Garden, depicting the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus, came to be made by the Sisters of Mary. Nestled against the mountains of the picturesque Arizona Desert, it has become a sanctuary of peace and blessing for many.


Filmed in the Holy Land (DVD 30 min.)

Basilea Schlink takes us to the places where Jesus suffered, died and rose again. Many have been drawn to the city of Jerusalem in their desire to understand better what our Lord did for us.

In this film we accompany Jesus in spirit from Gethsemane to Calvary. We come as pilgrims, offering love and thanksgiving to our Savior, and go with a deeper commitment to follow Him in our everyday lives. At the Holy Places the living Jesus is waiting to have an encounter with us and to reveal His heart to us.



36 Songs of Love and Comfort for our Lord in His Suffering Today

Jesus, Lord to Love You Only

2. Naught I care now for my troubles, 
Since I’ve seen Your pain and grief: 
I would live now to console You, 
Would bear suff’ring willingly. 

3. May my heart now burn within me 
For Your grief and agony. 
O that souls would heed Your suff’ring 
And Your comforters then be! 


A Precious Lenten Leaflet

Jesus gazes upon you with the heart-rending beauty of His suffering under the crown of thorns. A ray of His merciful love falls upon you and He calls to you: Come to Me when you feel humiliated, overlooked or despised.
Yes, Jesus, the Son of God...looks upon you and pleads: ...Respond to them with forgiving love, as I have forgiven you. Then you will be blessed as My true disciple...

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